Incentive Travel

Today, in order to motivate employees to invest extra efforts at work, they must be offered something more than a pleasant experience. It is not only a trip any more, but an experience on the trip which would enliven them with surprises, special moments and unusual events. The experience they cannot relive… no matter how rich they are.

The incentive travel basically implies unforgettable and entertaining trips paid by employers, with the main purpose of encouraging employees to reach challenging business goals of the company by achieving individual and/or group goals.

The incentive travel is predominantly used with the basic aim of increasing sales.

“Incentive travel is a global management tool that uses an exceptional travel experience to motivate and/or recognize participants for increased levels of performance in support of organizational goals”.

Unlike other types of the MICE (Meetings, Conferences, Incentives, Events) tourism, the incentive travel is focused on fun, food and other activities rather than education and work.

Effectiveness of the incentive travel

  • Facilitating communication and networking opportunities, especially in senior management
  • Encouraging the corporate culture and social interaction
  • Strengthening company loyalty
  • Creating enthusiasm for next business period

The incentive travel impacts those employees who have not been among the rewarded as well. When rewarded colleagues return from their trips excited and with fascinating descriptions of events and the complete experience, other colleagues will be stimulated to work harder in order to be rewarded next time.

Everybody has the need to be respected and to belong. People feel calm, safe and satisfied when they feel wanted and important. To be rewarded a trip for your effort invested and results achieved, creates certain pride and the feeling of victory and success in the rewarded. Social status is improved, not only because he/she is recognised as a top salesperson, but because he/she is one of a few to be able to experience this special reward.

Another advantage of the incentive travel for the rewarded is better understanding from their partners and family of extra time and effort they had to invest in order to be rewarded. When they take their family members on a holiday with them, the family will tolerate extra working hours more.

In every person, there are 4 types of the motivation to travel, and the incentive travel can cover all of them:

  1. Physical motivation (rest, health, sport, etc.)
  2. Cultural motivation (desire to get to know and experience other cultures)
  3. Interpersonal motivation (meeting and connecting with other people)
  4. Status and prestige motivation

Incentive travel today

The incentive travel is a kind of agreement between a company and its employees and/or customers. The wording of the agreement may be the following: “You do this for us, and we will reward you in a way you will never forget”.